Jan 16, 2015


You wake up, eyes fluttering, head aching. Your body feels stiff and weird like for a moment it is not yours. Then the pain kicks in, making it difficult for you to move. You’re motionless but not senseless. From the feeling what is beneath you, you realize that you are on the dirt. Your clothes are even tattered though you wouldn’t even call it clothing by the amount of shreds and loss of material. As for your skin, it was scarred with now drying droplets of blood. You couldn’t feel the pain through the endless pounding of your head but you knew from how severe the cuts looked, that it was horrific.
After what had felt like hours, you manage to sit up upright. Your eyes went blurry as you rose and so did the bile. Out of the corner of your eye, you see something small and white as you wipe your mouth. Your body was too weak to move in time when the white small creature jumped onto your lap before you could grasp what it was. You stare at it. And stare. It was a bunny.
It looks up at you.

‘H-how did I get here?’ You think to yourself as the taste of bile kept your mouth close. But no answers came to mind. All you can remember is your name.
You look around the area. It was garden. Or what was left of a garden as the grass was now black and charred and the lingering flower petals curled, slowly withering away. There was no sign of trees even being planted in the area where you laid; only surrounding you in a circle.
Before you get fully off the ground, you place the bunny beside which tries to hop back on your lap. You stumble and fall when you finally get on your feet, landing face in to the dirt. You hear the soft hoping of the bunny getting close to your face. You move your head to see it, unable to move the rest of your body. You lay there for a while. Attempting to get up only resulting into face planting back onto the ground.
Something shined behind the rabbit. It looks as though it was under you before you got up, as your body had made an indentation. The object glistens slightly, gold, and pristine as though it has never been dirtied. The object was small with the color of what seemed similar to rose gold as the engraved swirls shown a bit pink. The shape was uncertain to you as it was stuck deep within on its side but you assume it looks really similar to the diamonds at home yet you never saw this type before. Your dirty fingers slide its way past the bunny, which watches you intently, towards the object. The air around it is cool. You try picking it up but when you touched it a bright lights, temporarily blinds you. You quickly roll onto your back, covering your eyes but the amount of dirt on your hands made it worse.
“Shit!” you muttered.
As you squirm to get up, finally able to stand for more than two seconds and quickly grabbed the object. You squeeze it tight in your hand, not wanting to get blinded again when the sound of footsteps echoes around you. The footsteps were slow and soft, like the person was barely touching the ground. The bunny jumped and leaped away into the direction of the incoming noise. Your eyes follow. You were not willing to move from your place. You were curious to see what comes by the trees. You were confused.
A young girl with long white hair and pale skin emerged from behind a tree. The colors of the hair and skin matched except for the little pinkness around her nose, cheeks and lips. She was white as snow.
Her eyes were black. Like a deep hole.
A dead end.
They stare deep into you.
You study her, cocking your head and contemplating. She follows your movement only with a blank, dead expression. She wore pigtails, her hair just passing her waist. The tips of her hair lightly brush against the white lace dress. You look down and see she wasn’t wearing any socks or shoes. The bottoms of her white feet were covered with ash.  When you look back something else is staring at you. The bunny.
"Who are you?" She asks before words can come out your mouth. You didn't say anything. You scrunched up your face and stared at her. 'Who is this girl?' you thought She is not normal. You can tell, it's not a cosplay. The whiteness of her skin looked real.
The girl expression suddenly changed as she flashed her pearly whites.
“Ah,” she said jumping towards you. “I know who you are?”
“Huh?” was all you can say. Concerned wiped over her face.
“How did you survive?”
“Excuse me?”
“You should have been dead.” The sentence cut right through you.
“What?” ‘What does she mean by that?’ But she didn’t answer. She clapped and squealed.
“Ah, but your alive. That’s so good!”
“What are you talking about?”
“We thought you were dead. We just picked up the last body from here and you were to be the last. But you’re awake!”
“I-“ you try move towards her but the pain rose. Bile came up again.
“don’t hurt yourself too much. But we better get going. You are not suited for fight-“ the girl stopped as she saw the diamond drop out of your hand.  Her breath was stuck in her throat as she moved past it. You try to reach for it but she stopped you. In fact, it stopped you. You felt a tiny pierced pain on your throat and noticed a long white sword pointed at your neck. The feeling of thick liquid crawls down to your collar bone.
“You.” Her black eyes harden. “Die you bitch.”

“What?” she whistled and you hear the crackling of bones. Heavy breathing seep down your back.

Jan 1, 2015


"This is...this is...W-what is this place?"

Open your eyes.
This is not your real world.
Only you can find out what this place holds.
Only you can find the secrets and wonders that they hide.
Only you can see what others cannot.
So let the gates of your mind open
To a new world.
A World Untold.

Welcome to your journey!