Apr 21, 2014

The Beast (Ch. 2)

I believe I was unconscious again. Nothing strange went on except for blackness and crazy dreams of my sister, but I knew it was a dream. And when I awoke, I felt like crap. Complete shit.
When my eyes finally gave me a little bit of vision, I noticed a girl was beside my bed, lighting a candle before what look like doing something to by bed. Because of how deep I slept and my position, the girl must have not seen my probably eyes open. And I could barely see her as well, minus the long black hair and grey maid outfit. Was this another dream? I don’t recall having a blonde haired maid.
But the girl began fixing my covers which were crumpled and rumbled above my head. She stopped with a small scream when my body shuddered.
“Faye!” she practically yelled. “You’re awake!” I opened my eyes to find the young lady close beside my bed. A bit too close to my face. She was a young girl, probably around my age with eyes like fire, like Vincent’s but hair blonde and gorgeous.
“Who are you?” My voice croaked but thankfully my body was regaining it’s strength. “What the fuck do you want?” I asked, propping myself on the bed. Her small eyes opened wide with confusion.

Apr 12, 2014

Ephemeral Beauty


Once I realized the things we take for granted are really miracles, I came to see everything in it's precious, ephemeral beauty.  -Jun Mochizuki "

The tiny life holds on so dearly to its precious winter rose
As it begins to wither away.
Imprinted footsteps gather around the wilting life
Leaving trails of oblivion and paths of focused and broken minds.
But not all of the trails lead past the lone flower.
Two, so small yet so big, imprints stood before it,
Melting the ice as it stayed, watching the red petals dance withe white flakes.
They lingered.
They weren't alone to do so.

They gave warmth and sunlight to the dying crimson.
They stayed as the others left.
They stayed until the very end.
And when time was up, they knew
They knew exactly,
That it held a long one in this ferocious time.
And that made them pleased.

The beauty was and always will be in the hearts of the imprinted, melting the snow for those to grow a little longer.

Apr 11, 2014


I opened my eyes, laying on the dirty ground. Slowly but surely, I scrambled to my feet. I was shaky, tumbling backwards and back on to my ass. The golden grass was as tall as I was standing. Though it was thick, when the sun was setting, it made it harder for me to see. The light was beaming on my face. After giving up trying to stand, I tried to recall how the hell did I get here.
But nothing came to mind.
Nothing but the area and blackness roamed though my thoughts. After trying to process what’s going on, I realized, I didn't even know my own name. What was it? Samantha? Jennifer? Marry-Anne? Yet none of them felt the least bit familiar. Who am I? I thought to myself. Who was I?
Now exhausted, I laid on my back staring at the sky colored in red. I didn't know what to do. Cry. Scream. What was there to cry or scream about anyway? I lifted a dirty hand in the air. My arm was covered with bruises and scars. How did I get these? The countless, unanswered thinking caused my energy to drain as I felt my eye lids slightly closing.
Until suddenly...

Apr 9, 2014

Luna #17

I am like the beast.
With everyday wasted
A rose petal falls,
Killing me slowly.

I need to do something