Jun 25, 2014

Ecila & the Dark Rabbit (Ch. 1)

Everything was so foggy. I couldn’t see past the white smoke that covered me. I could hear the others though, chuckling as they smothered themselves into the opaque fog. I was lifted, not caring about home or school or work, just feeling the white smoke fro everyone and let it grab me kiss me all over.
“Dude. What time is it?” yelled my best friend as he popped my high bubble. In fact, he ruined everybody’s night by speaking up.
“Rick buddy,” coughed my friend Derek “Where do you think you’re going?”
“Where do you think?” Ricky shimmed from the grasp of a random stranger that he was so eagerly waiting to break free from. She whined in response. “Home. Ecila C’mon your mother will be frightened.”

Jun 18, 2014

The Beast (Ch. 2.1)

Wh-,” was all I could mutter. My father just pushed me away. How did he not remember Scarlet? How did he survive? I couldn’t have dreamed it all up! It was not possible.
“Faye.” Annie whispered, rubbing her hand on my arm as if to soothe me.
It did nothing.
“His words were not directed towards you.” She said, “He’s just been very busy when after your accident.”
“No…” I shook my head. Scarlet is real. She is my sister.
“Let’s get you back to you room. Maybe we can go outside after your wash. Go for a walk maybe. Would you like that?” I didn’t answer and she didn’t say anything else for a while.

May 22, 2014

Our Wonderlusting Souls #19

Let us create a new world
Blazing with
The sounds of the angels
The lips of the insane
And the whispers of our souls

May 12, 2014


     "Shall I introduce you to him?" She smirked as behind arise from the ground like thunder beady red eyes and pearly whites. She cocked her head as she smiles as it makes its way out from under. A massive paw appeared and lands beside me with a thud, sending me flying high in the air and back beneath the dirt. Coughing and fanning away the flying dirt, the beady red eyes looked down upon me, breathing deep hot air. I was far away from the it but...It was right there.
     It-It was big!
     "Yet it looks like he already knows you." Her voice lingered but she was no where in sight. Only debris in the dark night with crimson eyes and a hunger for blood.
     I stayed on the ground. Terrified. And when the silence came and lingered, I assumed it was all over but..I started to hear laughter rising and quickly, before I could breathe in a the brown air, I was face to...iris with the color red glowing around me. "Say Hello." the voice said, amused. "It's really rude of you to just sit there. Stand. He wants a better look." From the look it of, it already had the better look. It could see all of me and past me. And getting up? My energy and courage ran without me. They both knew what it wanted and fled before it could get to them.
     It wanted to kill me.
     And she allowed it.
     It growled.
     And I whimpered.
     And she..

     She was in love with my terror.